Brendan Wong

Brendan Wong

Avocado Guild

He is an entrepreneur and founder with 15 years of experience, including founding and operating a range of successful companies traditionally in retail, web2 and now transformational web3 specializing in GameFi.

Key highlight in web3 was building the largest web3 gaming guild in 2021 and closed an $18M Series A raise with top tier investors.

His interests are – Gaming, metaverse, crypto, and NFTs. Further interest – Understanding new scalable technologies, sharing ideas with thought leaders, building communities and strong teams.

His vision is one where crypto can be integrated into everything we see today to bridge real-world use globally and create opportunities for many. The concept of digital ownership is accepted as more protocols and marketplaces evolve to facilitate utility for NFTs.

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DAY 2-STAGE BUSAN August 9, 2022
pm 12:45 - pm 1:15

Where Gaming Guilds are Heading Now

Panel Talk

[MOD] Christy Choi, Co-Founder & CEO at SKYGG
- Brendan Wong, Co-Founder at Avocado Guild
- Jarindr Thitadilaka, Founder & Project Lead, at GuildFi
- Sadiq Ahamed, Founder at Lysto


Brendan Wong