Kijun Seo

Kijun Seo


Kijun Seo is a co-founder and co-CEO of Planetarium, a community driven Web3 gaming company. Since 2018, Planetarium has built out an integrated team of Web3 publishing, core blockchain technology, and content studio aligned on creating explosive synergies between decentralization and players. Planetarium has launched Libplanet, a blockchain core designed for decentralized games, and Nine Chronicles, the first open sourced, full-chain RPG with its own blockchain network powered by the players. Prior to founding Planetarium, Kijun worked at Dropbox and Nexon crafting real-time collaboration tools and the first smartphone games. He is a graduate of California Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Computer Science.

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DAY 1-STAGE BUSAN August 8, 2022
pm 2:30 - pm 3:00

How to Go Global & Korean Market for Blockchain Games

Panel Talk

[MOD] Jason Ye, Co-Founder at DeSpread
- Sang Chung, Head of Business at PlayDapp
- Kijun Seo, co-CEO at Planetarium
- Han Yoo, COO at League of Kingdoms


Kijun Seo