Dan Thomson

Dan Thomson is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at InsurAce, the leading DeFi insurance protocol. With an expertise spanning blockchain, marketing, and insurance, especially around emerging risks, Dan brings a unique perspective on the intersection of these three areas.

With an academic background from the top universities in the U.K. Dan began his journey in the crypto world in 2015 when he bought his first Bitcoin. His interest in cryptocurrencies grew, culminating in the establishment of Europe's first crypto index fund in 2017. This pioneering move laid the groundwork for his role at InsurAce, which he joined in 2021.

His upcoming talk at the Korea Blockchain Week, titled "Why don't we talk about insurance in crypto?" promises to deliver insightful perspectives on a rarely discussed but vital component of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Dan is a true citizen of the world, having travelled to an impressive 104 countries. His journeys have no doubt contributed to his expansive worldview and his ability to understand and navigate the global blockchain landscape. Moreover, he's a published philosophical author, reflecting a mind that values deep thinking and broad understanding.

Stay connected with Dan via his social media handle @vagrantcrypto. You'll find that his posts and interactions give a glimpse into his ongoing work, his global adventures, and his latest philosophical musings. Whether you're interested in blockchain, marketing, insurance, or just looking for some profound thoughts, following Dan's journey will be a worthwhile investment.