Head of Global BD

Matthias Ang

Matthias Ang is an accomplished professional in the field of business development. His expertise lies in data-driven solutions and creating highly successful campaigns for clients across various industries. Matthias has worked with prominent industry players such as exchanges, Horizon Capital, among others. Currently, he holds the position of Head of Global Business Development and core contributor at ssv.network. Matthias is an expert in business integration and actively participates in various conferences and events in the blockchain space. In his current role, Matthias has played a significant part in the growth and success of ssv.network from onboarding contributors of the DAO treasury to ecosystem. He was instrumental in developing a first-of-its-kind $50 million ecosystem fund, collaborating with more than 10 top tier partners, and onboarding more than 40 SSV operators. Additionally, he played a role in expanding the protocol's ecosystem by encouraging over 50 teams to adopt SSV/Distributed Validator Technology(DVT) to decentralize and improve the overall health of the ETH ecosystem.