Jose Ko

Jose, a seasoned veteran of the gaming industry and a thought leader in the blockchain sphere, is the CEO of Intella X. He brings to the table over +15 years of rich experience, showcasing a unique blend of technical acumen and strategic foresight. Before stepping into the blockchain world, Jose made a significant impact in the gaming industry, where he fostered creativity and innovation.

During his tenure in Web2, Jose was part of NEXON and NEOWIZ, pioneering South Korean game companies, and was instrumental in the conceptualization, development, and publishing of globally celebrated games. His portfolio boasts an impressive array of titles that resonate with gamers worldwide, such as Dota 2, FIFA Online 2 & 3, Skul: The Hero Slayer, Cats & Soup, and even the three-time Gamescom award-winning title, Lies of P, which garnered critical acclaim for its compelling narrative and stunning visuals.

Today, Jose stands at the helm of Intella X, where he leverages his deep understanding of gaming and passion for blockchain technology to pioneer the new generation of Web3 games.