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Early Bird Tickets : 6.1(Tue) - 6.30(Fri)

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Ticket Cancellation and Refund Policy

① If you cancel your ticket within 7 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund.

② All other cancellations will follow the below refund policy:

- Cancellation 9 to 7 days before the event: 90% refund of the purchase amount.

- Cancellation 6 to 3 days before the event: 80% refund of the purchase amount.

- Cancellation 2 to 1 day before the event: 70% refund of the purchase amount.

- No refunds are available on the day of the conference.

In cases where both ① and ② apply, the policy outlined in ② will take precedence.

(However, if you cancel before midnight on the day of booking, a full refund will be issued unless the ticket was booked on the day of the conference).

Midnight (KST) on the day of booking