Head of Partnerships

AhYoung Kwak

AhYoung Kwak is the Head of Partnerships of Switchboard, a multichain, permissionless, and customizable oracle protocol. AhYoung’s role at Switchboard involves establishing and growing strategic partnerships with ecosystems and protocols/builders across various blockchains, and setting the vision for GTM strategies. 

AhYoung started her career at an independent broker-dealer, and began her journey in crypto at Circle in 2018 as part of the Poloniex Exchange acquisition effort in Boston. Soon, she moved on to be one of the early APAC team members in Hong Kong to represent and grow Circle’s presence in APAC. Since then, AhYoung has been leading various strategic growth and relationship management roles at various Web3 native companies, including Chainalysis as one of the first members to kick off their APAC initiatives, and Figment to offer PoS node infrastructure across the globe.