Akshay Malhotra

Akshay Malhotra is co-founder at Halliday, an a16z and Hashed backed growth technology company powering player onboarding and engagement for Web3 games and virtual worlds. With the onboarding suite to abstract the blockchain from the player experience and the growth suite to unleash the power of the in-game economy, Halliday is helping build and scale digital civilization.

Before Halliday, Akshay worked in the hedge fund industry, most recently at Point72, and was a PhD student in Financial Economics at Stanford (on indefinite leave), where his research interests included financial market design and banking. He graduated from Penn with degrees in finance, computer science, and data science. In his spare time, Akshay enjoys watching movies and playing Total War and chess (nowadays only online bullet games). A national master, he won numerous youth national chess titles and competed internationally for the U.S. team.