Cheongyong Kim

Over 20 yrs. of experience

- As a representative of Baby Shark Games, fully experienced in developing various games using Baby Shark and Pinkfong IP, Cheongyong Kim is currently developing Baby Shark Universe, which aims to be a metaverse game.

- Cheongyong Kim founded Red Potion Games and developed Block Busters to pioneer the mobile puzzle PvP genre.

- As the head of development and service at Joycity, a stylish sports game specialist company, Cheongyong Kim oversaw the development and service of 'Freestyle 1, 2, and Football', and launched the 'Rule the Sky' and 'Dice of the Gods'. These five games achieved an annual revenue of approximately 40 billion KRW.

- Cheongyong Kim spent 7 years as a programmer at Nexon, a No.1 game company in Korea, as a part of BNB team, the No.1 arcade game. Since 2010, he's been in charge of making and managing games like BNB, Kart Rider (the Nol.1 racing game), and Bubble Fighter (No. 1 PC casual TPS game). Together, three games achieved over 70 billion in annual sales.