Co-Founder and CEO

Daniel Hwang

Daniel Hwang currently spends his time supporting the blockchain infrastructure ecosystem as the CEO and Co-Founder operator of Kintsugi Tech a blockchain infrastructure service provider in the PoS and Zero-Knowledge prover space. He is also the co-founder and strategic advisor to BxC (Blockchain x Climate), validator and zk-prover ecosystem consultant to a ZK L1, Aleo, contributes in depth to the public goods ecosystem of cosmos, and contributes as a co-founder to the Validator Commons working group supporting the PoS validator ecosystem. He was last the Head of Protocols at stakefish and special projects lead at F2Pool. He is also the co-founder of HanDAO, a Korean artist collective that supports the Korean creator community with education, financial support, and ecosystem building in NFTs and the Metaverse. Daniel started his journey into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space as a cryptocurrency miner in 2013. He has since supported cryptocurrency based remittances in south east asia, permissioned blockchain efforts in pharmaceutical supply chain applications, lead the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) working group on health data on blockchain, worked on localized decentralized exchanges in the asia region through 0x Protocol, done deep dives on cryptography and distributed systems research as related to blockchains in his graduate program at Johns Hopkins University, lead ecosystem development at layer 1 blockchains, and has extensively supported the NFT and metaverse space for creators.