Deputy CEO and COO

Itai Avneri

Itai Avneri is a seasoned executive with decades of experience in growing companies from across both the finance and technology verticals. For the past few years, Avneri has transformed INX's vision into action, creating secure tools to connect traditional and digital economies. As Deputy CEO & COO, he is responsible for spearheading INX's unique offering as the only venue where cryptocurrencies, security tokens and primary raises thrive under a single, regulated umbrella. 

INX, a publicly traded company (listed on CBOE, OTC, and INX.One), was established based on a fusion of traditional market expertise and a disruptive fintech approach. This unique combination is evident in the INX Token, which stands as the first SEC-registered security token on the blockchain.

Avneri's innovative approach extends to INX's global joint venture, aimed at pioneering a groundbreaking CBDC solution, further solidifying his dedication and commitment to shaping the future of the digital economy.

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