Head of Strategy

Josh Han

Josh Han is the Head of Strategy at Wonderstruck.studio and a core contributor to Handao.org. Wonderstruck is a creative studio designing brands, websites and products for Sui Network, Haun Ventures, Starknet foundation and more. HanDAO is Korea’s first DAO focused on onboarding Koreans into the creator economy.

Josh has been working in crypto since 2017 and is passionate about crypto as a force for fairness and globalization. He is an active on-chain investor and has deployed over $20M across primary markets as a Handao Contributor, ROK Capital lead analyst and angel investor.

Josh Han has been working in crypto since 2017, passionate about krypto, NFTs, and dapps.

Operating highlights:

- Currently leading crypto initiates at RichAlien Games, the social casino game developer of 111%

- Strategic partner at Wonderstruck Studio

- Previously Marketing lead at EiVenutres & Researcher at United Nations

Investing highlights:

- Deployed over $20M across primary markets as a HanDAO contributor, ROK Capital analyst, and angel investor 

- Notable highlights including Azra Games, C2X, and Solana

- FINRA Series 65 & Degenscore 725