Justin Sun

H.E. Justin Sun (born in July 1990) is the founder of TRON, supporter of BitTorrent, advisor to Huobi Global, as well as the pioneer and practitioner of blockchain and the metaverse.

In December 2021, the Government of Grenada announced the appointment of Justin Sun as its new Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the WTO. In June 2022, he attended the WTO's 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12) in Geneva, Switzerland as head of the Grenada delegation. 

A keen follower of digital artworks, Sun has clinched the pieces by a stream of world-class artists including Picasso, most of which he later donated to the APENFT Foundation. 

Sun is also actively engaged in philanthropy. In 2019, he won a bid for Warren Buffett's charity lunch with $4.568 million; in 2021, he won the seats of New Shepard by Blue Origin with $28 million, which was earmarked for space exploration; he also launched the "Sea of Stars" charity campaign.