CEO and Co-Founder

Kima Kim

Kima Kim entered the gaming industry with NCsoft, a Korean game company. After his time in NCsoft, he was appointed as a Korean board member of the Japanese game company SEGA, where he served for over a decade.

Since then, he established Caliverse to create various and innovative high-quality content and patent technologies, starting with 'Hana-B', an interactive VR cinema experience. In 2021, Caliverse merged and was acquired by Lotte Group, a leading Korean company, to create a "Hyper-real Metaverse" that connects the digital and real world.

Caliverse offers an amazing experience in the shopping, entertainment, UGC and gaming sector. It is distinctly different from the traditional metaverses, Caliverse are implementing the circulation of the real world and virtual reality through the blockchain technology.

Caliverse received acclaimed reviews for its PC, VR, and 3D TV demonstration at CES 2023 and it is scheduled to launch next year.