Founder and CEO

Oliver Xie

Oliver Xie, founder and driving force behind InsurAce, is a distinguished figure in the blockchain and insurtech sectors. Leveraging his extensive experience and unique insights, Oliver has paved new pathways in decentralized insurance and has contributed significantly to the security of the web3 ecosystem.

Before establishing InsurAce, Oliver amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience, working in leadership roles at several top-tier global financial institutions, most prominently as the CTO at APEX (Asia Pacific Exchange). His deep understanding of risk management and financial product development was instrumental in shaping his vision for InsurAce, a pioneering decentralized insurance protocols.

InsurAce was born out of Oliver's conviction to bridge the gap between traditional insurance and the burgeoning DeFi ecosystem. Under his visionary leadership, the platform has grown exponentially, providing users with reliable and secure insurance services, and mitigating the risk factors inherent in the crypto space. InsurAce has quickly become one of the leading protocols in the DeFi insurance market, offering comprehensive insurance products for both individuals and institutions. To date, InsurAce has protected over 10,000 customers, covering over $400m of assets across various protocols, bridges, and chains. 

Oliver is also known for his thought-leadership in the blockchain community. His forward-thinking ideas and deep understanding of both blockchain technology and traditional financial risk management have made him a sought-after speaker and panelist at international conferences.

Please join us in welcoming Oliver Xie, an innovator, thought leader, and pioneer in the insurtech space, as he speaks at Korea Blockchain Week.