CEO and Founder

Seonik Jeon

Seonik Jeon is the founder and CEO of Factblock, an esteemed company renowned for spearheading Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) annually.His fateful encounter with the real-world application of Bitcoin for payments in Tokyo, Japan, in 2017, ignited a profound conviction in the boundless potential of blockchain as a technology of tomorrow. This experience served as the impetus for the establishment of FactBlock in 2018, underpinned by the resolute belief that rectifying information asymmetry lies at the core of achieving widespread blockchain adoption. Notably, the incorporation of the word 'Fact' into the company's appellation symbolizes FactBlock's unwavering commitment to delivering information based solely on verified facts.As part of accomplishing this mission, KBW was launched in 2018, opening up a thriving communication and knowledge-sharing hub. It fosters seamless dialogue within the esteemed 'Korean Community' and forges direct connections with global leaders in the blockchain industry. During KBW, knowledge and insights are exchanged devoid of any asymmetry, thereby facilitating a harmonious convergence of the domestic and global spheres of blockchain innovation.Last year, KBW successfully combined tech and music, and this year's event aims to expand even further. The upcoming KBW 2023 will feature a week-long program combining "Tech, Art, and Music," exploring the latest trends in Web3. Notable events like IMPACT, The Gateway: Korea, and Seoulbound are being prepared.Besides his role in Factblock, Seonik Jeon also serves as the Vice Chairman of Financial News, a renowned Korean media company. He has previously worked as the Tokyo Bureau Chief in Japan and as a correspondent in Los Angeles, USA, in Financial News. He is actively involved in observing and providing unwavering support to the Korean startup ecosystem.