Eowyn Chen

Eowyn Chen serves as the CEO of Trust Wallet, a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet supporting multiple chains. Her dedication to fostering cryptocurrency adoption has...

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Eowyn Chen

Eowyn Chen serves as the CEO of Trust Wallet, a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet supporting multiple chains. Her dedication to fostering cryptocurrency adoption has played a pivotal role in attracting millions of global users to Trust Wallet.

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Establishing a diverse background

Chen graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor's degree in History and Economics. Alongside her academic pursuits, she actively engaged in various endeavors, including assuming the role of Vice President at the Harvard China Forum. Following graduation, she pursued studies in human-computer interaction, data structures, web programming, and UI design at Tufts University. During her career as a management consultant at Oliver Wyman, a New York-based firm, she garnered valuable experience in consulting services for top-tier banks and deploying corporate data analysis tools.

She made significant contributions to the expansion of the station-free bicycle sharing platform, ofo, into the North American market through its mobile application. In addition to leading the launch team and overseeing public relations and partnerships, she played a pivotal role in formulating and executing operational and market entry strategies during the early stages.

Fueling growth at Binance

In 2019, Chen assumed the position of Country Manager at Binance overseeing markets in the Asia-Pacific region across over ten countries. She achieved a remarkable 50% growth rate in market share compared to key competitors across 10-15 language markets. This effectively tripled the size of the community, even while the company was short on manpower. Her efforts demonstrated exceptional resourcefulness.

Recognizing her instrumental role in driving Binance's growth, she was promoted to Head of Central Marketing and Growth, Globla VP in 2021. Over a span of six months, she spearheaded the development of strategies for user acquisition, user lifecycle management, brand positioning, and community engagement. Simultaneously, she expanded Binance's ecosystem through the introduction of over ten product lines. Notable achievements under her leadership include cost-effective acquisition of a substantial number of non-organic new users and a remarkable 60% increase in market share for SEO and ASO, capturing a significant share of organic users. As a result, Binance's user base surged from millions to hundreds of millions.

Role as Trust Wallet CEO

Since 2022, she has held the position of CEO at Trust Wallet, following its acquisition by Binance in 2018. Trust Wallet's vision centered on mobile-based storage for all coins issued through initial coin offerings (ICOs). This mobile-first approach distinguished Trust Wallet from other wallets that originated as developer tools or browser extensions. Swiftly adapting to user demands, Trust Wallet transitioned into a multi-chain wallet, supporting not only Ethereum but also a comprehensive range of layer-one blockchains.

Chen, at the helm of Trust Wallet, places significant emphasis on understanding and fulfilling user demands, believing this approach bolsters Trust Wallet's competitive edge in the fiercely contested cryptocurrency wallet market. Additionally, Trust Wallet's support for multiple chains through its mobile app and provision of browser extension features have enabled substantial user base expansion, particularly in developing countries.

"These are not Twitter degens, these are normal day to day people wanting to have an easy access to crypto and they get blocked on fiat onramps and offramps all the time, or by risk controls and centralized exchanges for no good reasons, just because the infrastructure was not good. So we do way better when it comes down to serving the local markets"
Interview: How Trust Wallet Stands Out in the Competitive Crypto Wallet Market, (paraphrased and excerpt)

She envisions Trust Wallet's functionality will continue to expand, eventually transforming it into a super-app akin to LINE or WeChat. Users will enjoy seamless access to various services by simply downloading the wallet, obviating the need for developers to repeatedly create distinct wallets.

Writer: Chris Park, Research Contributor at DeSpread
Reviewed by Jeehyun Ham, PR Lead at DeSpread

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