Charles d'Haussy

Rennes School of Business in France and studied Chinese at Sun Yat-sen University in China. While he graduated from a French institution, he built...

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Charles d'Haussy

Charles d'Haussy is the CEO of the dYdX Foundation. He's leading the move of their cryptocurrency trading platform, dYdX, from Ethereum's Layer 2 network to their own network in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Influence in the Asian Market

Charles earned his Bachelor's degree in International Business Management from Rennes School of Business in France and studied Chinese at Sun Yat-sen University in China. While he graduated from a French institution, he built his early career in the Asian region, leveraging his understanding of the market to provide significant contributions to dYdX's strategies in Asia.

Before embarking into the web3 industry, he honed his entrepreneurial skills as a general manager at a consumer electronics manufacturing company headquartered in China. Later at Leading EverFast Rechargeables Ltd, he exported consumer products to 35 countries. Within two years, he demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by selling his company, Diligent Group, founded in 2009, to Lucibel. As the CEO of Lucibel's Asia-Pacific division, he further expanded his influence in the Asian market.

Extensive Experience in Fintech and Blockchain

Charles ventured into the fintech sector in 2015, joining Hong Kong-based 8 Securities as the Head of Sales and Business Development. His involvement contributed to the launch of the first robo-advisor(investment platform that makes trades on an investor's behalf using survey responses and algorithms) in Hong Kong and Tokyo. From 2016 to 2019, he held the position of Fintech Lead at the Hong Kong Government's Fintech Facilitation Office. During his tenure, he organized the renowned "Hong Kong Fintech Week" event, offering personalized services and free advice to over 450 global fintech companies.

In 2022, Charles published the book "Block Kong," which delves into the leaders in the Hong Kong blockchain scene. His tenure as the Fintech Lead for the Hong Kong government exposed him to a multitude of startups, many of which were immersed in blockchain and venture businesses. These interactions sparked the concept for his book "Block Kong.” Through interviews with web3 entrepreneurs, he aimed to shed light on the pains, challenges, and risks behind the exponential growth of the blockchain industry.

Leading dYdX's Growth

In 2019, Charles joined ConsenSys as the Director of Strategic Initiatives, selecting the Hong Kong office. He highlighted that ConsenSys' expertise in blockchain consulting and enterprise solution technology was well-aligned with the demands of Hong Kong and the broader Asia-Pacific region. As the Managing Director for Asia-Pacific at ConsenSys, he spearheaded Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) projects in collaboration with the Central Bank of Thailand and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

In September 2022, he assumed the role of CEO in the dYdX Foundation, the newly established governance organization for "dYdX V4." He cited the potential of dYdX as a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) company as the rationale for choosing dYdX following his tenure at ConsenSys. Particularly captivating to him was dYdX's utilization of Cosmos to develop their own blockchain.

dYdX Records $466.3 Billion In Transaction Volume And $137.8 Million Fee Revenue In 2022
(source: coincu news)

Under d’Haussy’s guidance, dYdX achieved impressive growth in 2022, with a cumulative trading volume of $466 million and fee revenue of $137.8 million. Moreover, they effectively addressed concerns about inflation related to the dYdX token, valued at over $280 million, which was originally scheduled for distribution to investors and employees in February 2023. In response to community sentiment, the dYdX team decided to postpone the token unlock until December. With such community-centric approaches, dYdX is well-positioned to maintain its influence in the DeFi market.



Writer: Chris Park, Research Contributor at DeSpread
Reviewed by Jeehyun Ham, PR Lead at DeSpread

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